Science Day

CEITEC Science Day on 24th May was open to participants who want to be involved in the event with the following programme:

9:00 - Guests arrival to CEITEC MU

9:30 - 10:30 Block I scientific presentations (room 211)

10:30 - 11:00 Coffee Break

11:00 - 12:00 Block II scientific presentations  (room 211)

12:00 - 13:00 Lunch (Only for registered participants)

13:00- 14:00 Block III scientific presentations  (room 211)

14:00 – 15:30 Visit of Core Facilities

19:00 – 21:00 Science Mixer (Bar Naproti, pub quiz, networking in the city centre with students from Masaryk University, Technical University in Brno, and Mendel University)

To participate please register via link:

In the registration please indicate whether you will participate in the Science Day (presentations) and/or Science Mixer (networking in the evening).

For further information contact

The agenda of the scientific presentations (Chair Dr.Říha):

Block 1 (9:30 – 10:30, room 211)

  • Zhicheng ZHANG (postdoc) from the group of Frank Van Breusegem, VIB
    • “Discover the role of RNA-binding protein targeting in plant stress priming”
  • Xi YANG (PhD student) from the group of Frank Van Breusegem, VIB
    • “General control non-repressed protein 5 (GCN5) in plant stress response”
  • Andrea Simeunovic (postdoc) from the group of Helene Robert Boisivon, CEITEC
    • “Transcriptional regulation of local auxin biosynthesis in Arabidopsis thaliana development”
  • Xingliang DUAN (PhD student) from the group of Frank Van Breusegem, VIB
    • “Functional analysis of stress-related RNA binding proteins in plants”

Block 2 (11:00 – 12:00, room 211)

  • Miroslav Homola (PhD student) from the group of Pavel Plevka, CEITEC
    • “Toward structure and replication characterization of marine alga virus EhV-86”
  • Roman Hudecek (PhD student) from the group of Moritz Nowack, VIB
    • “Meeting the deadline – the molecular regulation of programmed cell death in plant development”
  • Vivek Raxwal (postdoc) from the group of Karel Říha, CEITEC
    • “artMAP: an easy to use tool for mapping EMS induced mutations in Arabidopsis”
  • Joanna Winkler (PhD student) from the group of Daniel Van Damme, VIB
    • “Novel, conditional tool for investigating protein-protein interactions in vivo in plants”

Block 3 (13:00 – 14:00, room 211)

  • Agnieszka Szmitkowska (PhD student) from the group of Jan Hejátko, CEITEC
    • “Atypical receiver domain of Arabidopsis thaliana ethylene receptor ETHYLENE RESPONSE1”
  • Amber Lampens (PhD student) from the group of Sofie Goormachtig, VIB
    • “Caulobacter driven plant growth promotion”
  • Sorin Tanasa (PhD student) from the group of Karel Říha, CEITEC
    • “Identification of genes regulating plant meiosis by suppressor screening in Arabidopsis thaliana”
  • Deepanksha Arora (PhD student) from the group of Daniel Van Damme, VIB
    • “Identification of cargo proteins for T-PLATE complex”

Practical Information

How to get to Brno and CEITEC MU

Google Maps HERE

Entrance to CEITEC is from Studentská street.  

How to get to Brno:

By air 

Visitors of Brno can use International Airport Brno-Tuřany, which provides flights to Prague, London, Moscow, Eidhoven and other charter destinations. The visitors can use International Prague Airport and Brno is also well connected to international airport in Vienna (Austria).

Brno - Tuřany Airport

Brno 904/1, Tuřany, Czech Republic, Phone: +420 545 521 111

Airport is located 12km/20 minutes from the city center and you can easily take a taxi or the express bus, which is directly located outside the entrance to the airport terminal.

Vienna International Airport

Einfahrtsstrasse, Schwechat 1300, Republic of Austria, Phone: +43-1-7007-0

There is no direct flight from Vienna to Brno because of too short distance. Easiest transportation from Vienna airport to Brno is with bus operator Student Agency offering 8 connections daily from Vienna to Brno from 13 EUR one way. Duration of the travel is approximately 2,5 hours. Tickets are available to purchase online at the website.

Václav Havel Airport Prague 

K Letišti 6/1019, 160 08, Prague 6, Phone: +420 220 111 888

Easiest transportation from Prague is with bus operator Student Agency offering 36 connections daily from Prague to Brno from 8 EUR one way. Duration 
of the travel is approximately 2,5 hours. Tickets are available online website with German and English version.

By bus or train

Student agency is a reliable bus and train company
From Vienna and Prague, we also recommend the RailJet train category to Prague and Vienna – universal bus/train search engine and public transport planner 

By car

Brno is located on the main Czech highway D1 and D2. For highways and some bigger roads it is necessary to have a highway sticker, which is for sale at the border crossing, petrol stations, post offices and in the motor clubs. 

Getting to CEITEC MU by public transport:

You need 60 min ticket (25Kč at ticket machines or newstands, 35Kč at the driver). When entering the bus/tram, mark the ticket at the yellow machine by the door.

From train station Brno - Hlavní nádraží

From bus stop Hlavní nádraží take bus 60 to bus stop Univerzitní Kampus – sever (the final destination) or take bus 61 to bus stop Univerzitní Kampus.

From train station Brno – Židenice

Walk to tram stop Kuldova. Take tram 2 (directon Modrice – smycka) to stop Hlavní Nadraží. From Hlavní nádraží take bus 60 to bus stop Univerzitní Kampus – sever (the final destination).

From train station Brno – Dolní nádraží

From bus stop Dolní Nádraží take bus 60 to bus stop Univerzitní Kampus – sever (the final destination) or take bus 61 to bus stop Univerzitní Kampus.

From Bus terminal Zvonařka

From bus stop Autobusové nádraží take bus 60 to bus stop Univerzitní Kampus – sever (the final destination) or by bus 61 to bus stop Univerzitní Kampus.

From bus terminal Hotel Grand

Walk to bus stop Hlavní nádraží. From Hlavní nádraží take bus 60 to bus stop Univerzitní Kampus – sever (the final destination).


Recommended hotels


The currency in Czech Republic is the Czech Crown (CZK). It is called "koruna" (abbreviated Kč).
Exchange rate is approximately: 25 CZK for 1 €. Coins appear in denominations of 1, 2, 5, 10, 20 and 50.
Notes are available in denominations of 100, 200, 500, 1000, 2000 and 5000. All major credit and debit cards are widely accepted at shops, hotels, banks and ATM machines. Euros are usually not accepted.
Therefore, we recommend having some cash in Czech Crowns.
​You can exchange cash in banks (usually some small fee is applied) or at exchange office (where exchange rates can vary) or use an ATM machine to withdraw – there are a lot of them in the city.

Passport and visa

A valid passport is required for entry into Czech Republic. A visa may be required for some countries – please check with your embassy. For more information about visa, please visit the website of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.


The voltage in Czech Republic, as in most of Europe, is 230V/50 Hz. Czech Republic uses type C and type E sockets.

Taxi Service

Taxi Service from the airport – offered by the agency

Brno Airport <-> Brno City Center – 360 CZK 
Vienna Airport <-> Brno City Center – 2.500 CZK
Bratislava <-> Brno City Center – 2.500 CZK
Prague Airport <-> Brno City Center – 3.600 CZK

It is highly recommended to order a taxi at least one day before. Online ordering here.

Living in the Czech Republic

Insurance card & ID card or Passport

It is obligatory for all citizens and people present in the Czech Republic (i. e. also for you, exchange students) to have your insurance cards and ID cards or passports always with you. Please carry it at all times, as you might be checked by members of the Police or the Police Office for Foreigners

Emergency cases

If you are faced with an urgent need for medical attention at a time when doctors' offices are not open, and you are confined to bed, call the first-aid service at 545538538; a doctor will come to examine you within a very short time. In other cases you should go in person to the emergency service at Ponávka 6,  which is open Monday - Friday from 17:00 till 7:00 and non-stop on Saturdays, Sundays and holidays. Emergency dental care is also available at the same address.

Emergency services

Throughout the Czech Republic, there is one set of emergency numbers for use in case of fire, the urgent need for an ambulance, or crime. These are as follows: 

Fire 150
Ambulance service 155
Crime 156 (Municipal Police), 158 (National Police)
Emergency call  112


Most of the medicines available elsewhere can be obtained here, though not in every pharmacy. In case you need some kind of medicine in the evening, at night or over the weekend, when shops are normally closed, there is a non-stop pharmacy located in the centre of the city at Koliště 47.


There are two separate police forces in the Czech Republic, the National Police Force (Policie České republiky) and Municipal Police Forces (Městská policie). The Czech Police deal with such areas as criminal activities, road traffic (accidents, fines and so on), and visas for foreigners. The Municipal Police have limited powers to maintain law and order within the town or city where they work.

Post offices

Most post offices are only open on weekdays. The one beside the Main Train Station remains open non-stop, 24 hours a day seven days a week.

Czech language  

Czech language phrases, translators, books

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